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At Flavorplex, product quality is our number one priority!

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For a chance to try the qualifying adventure, drop by our offices in scenic Meckling, SD. Our industrial products can be licensed; contact our sales staff at sales@Flavorplex.com for more information.

All Flavorplex games require a Z Machine Interpreter, such as Frotz. Think of it as a "player" for Flavorplex games. Just as you might use Quicktime to play a movie file, you can use Frotz to play a Flavorplex game. Versions of Frotz exist for almost every computer.

Another nifty Z Machine Interpreter is Zinc. If you have Java installed on your computer, you may want to consider Zinc. It offers the ability to collaborate with other players over a network, and comes with a handy mapping tool.

New to text adventures? There are some excellent resources to help you get started at the Brass Lantern.

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A new car. A flat tire. Luckily, the owner's manual is said to be the most comprehensive in the industry. Your mission (and you really have no choice about this) is to replace the flat tire with the spare, and start the car again. Simple, right?

The whistle blows, and it's the end of another day at the Flavorplex Text Adventure Company. The end, that is, for everyone but you. You're the new janitor, and it's your first day on the job.

In Typo, you are a paid test-subject, hired to help evaluate new technologies. Armed with only a field service manual, your task is to configure and operate an unfamiliar machine.