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Who we are
Founded in 1953, the Flavorplex Text Adventure Company is still the recognized leader in qualifying text adventures world-wide.

Our Committment: First things first
We are committed to putting the customer first, quality first, our investors first, and employee satisfaction first. We are achieving our goals by providing world-class mission-critical text adventures to governments and enterprises around the world.

Our Mission: Seeing problems as opportunities
While other companies are attempting to address the challenges faced by their customers and partners, we at Flavorplex believe that our customers would rather solve their own problems. In fact, we insist on it! Consequently, we work tirelessly to create new and more interesting challenges with which we confront our customers.

Our Philosophy: Seeing is believing
We believe that if a thing looks like a thing, then that's what the thing is. If it's not one thing, it's another. At Flavorplex, things are always what they seem to be.